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New Project Using New Skills? No Wai!!!

2008-10-21 19:19:58 by raz183

Yup, I had to create a script from my Drama exam at school, but I thought it was pretty good, so good that I kinda expanded on the world it is based in a created a fully-fledged book. I was so proud of it all, that I've decided when the whole book is done and dusted, I'm going to start animating it, properly, unlike anything you guys have ever seen. I'm going to do it how Jordan Mechner or whatever he's called did with "The Last Express" (is it?) (Act it out and then roto-scope it). So it should be pretty intresting.

- Ryan out

Oh yeah, I entered some pretty ok kinda stuff to the Music Video Collab 2. It's not my best (As I'm always learning, but its pretty cool. I hope Glowing_Monkey puts it all in! Go have a look at the Collab's forum topic and participate, its actually rather fun ;D CLICK MEH

New Project Using New Skills? No Wai!!!


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2008-10-21 19:33:08

I am a boy who loves girls and will do anything to be respected.I will bring love and justice to the world.Beleive It!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

raz183 responds:

I sure do! ;D


2008-11-29 19:57:59

i h8 u


2008-12-27 14:03:23

Yay 4 L!


2010-06-17 02:44:02

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